Raise for Ryan

It is your turn to Raise for Ryan! Donate to Ryan Elementary today and 100% of your donation is put towards educating our kids. Also many companies will match your donation so be sure to ask your employer and double your money!

The PTA needs to raise $6,000 with this campaign.

Based on our budget, the PTA needs to raise $65,000 overall to support your child’s education.

Some of the things that Raise for Ryan donations fund include:

Enrichment programs - Field trips, guest speakers, and other programs to further curriculum specific learning.

After-School Clubs - Keeping clubs open to all students.

Learning Resources - Teacher requested material to support instruction in the classroom.

Academic Tutor - Part-time teacher to provide additional reading and math support as requested by teachers.

Community Building - Each year the PTA hosts events like: Fall Festival, Movie Night, STEAM nights, and the End of Year Picnic to bring the Ryan Community together.

Donations to the Ryan Elementary PTA are welcome at any time throughout the year by clicking the Donate or submitting a check to the main office at Ryan Elementary

Every Gift Matters - Support Ryan Elementary Today!

Enrichment programs

After-School Clubs

Learning Resources

Community Building