Fundraisers cover the cost of student field trips, provide classroom materials for teachers, fund after-school clubs, and allow us to host teacher appreciation activities. In order to continue to fund these programs at the current level, we must raise $60,000 annually.

We rely on your donation to fund the following:

  • STUDENT FIELD TRIPS - traditionally, the PTA has funded all student field trips (3-5 each year per grade).
  • CLASSROOM SUPPLIES and equipment to support instruction, and teacher appreciation.
  • AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - The PTA also contributes to the cost of after school clubs, keeping clubs open to all students.
  • ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - this year the PTA funded Avid 4 Adventure, and will host several community-building events (i.e. Family Movie Night).

Support Ryan Elementary Today!

Donations are welcome at any time throughout the year. Click the donate link below to support Ryan Elementary PTA.