What We Do

Have you ever wondered what your PTA does for you, your student and our school? Here are a few of the things the PTA funds, organizes or provides volunteer assistance for:

Ryan Elementary PTA raises approximately $50,000 each school year through:

    • Three annual fundraisers
    • No cost fundraisers
    • Soliciting in-kind donations and writing grants

  • Ryan Elementary PTA covers the cost of ALL student field trips (Ryan Elementary is one of only a few schools in BVSD that does not require parents to pay for their child's field trips).
  • The PTA provides funding for classroom supplies and equipment to support instruction.
  • The PTA also contributes to the cost of after-school clubs.

  • Ryan Elementary PTA identifies volunteer opportunities and recruits volunteers to support activities and instruction (examples: room parents, teacher meals for parent teacher conferences, movie night, open house events, kindergarten playdates, etc.)

  • Ryan Elementary PTA organizes classroom and school-wide activities in order to build a sense of community and increase resources for the school.
  • The benefits of family-school-community partnerships are many: higher teacher morale, more parent involvement, and greater student success are only a few.